Demons Feast

Blackest clouds descend

While demons dance and feast on

Hello All!!

I wanted to thank all who have visited my blog and poetry entries. I’m grateful for the time you have taken.

I have been exploring the vast offerings on WP over the last few days. Information overload when navigating as a blind individual, but some wonderful content to explore.

I’m shy by nature. Most of my entries will be some form of poetry, but not always. I look forward to engaging with the WP community.

BTW, my name is jp. I look forward to getting to know you, and your sites and blogs.



Captive Mind

Find the refuge,
from the constant deluge
So many thoughts,
creating their knots
Oh they mutter,
collect and clutter
Silence is golden,
when mighty pen embolden
Thy pen release,
bring the peace
The captive mind,
a torturous bind